Monroe Gas Storage Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/29/2009, Docket: RP09-447-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 122 Original Sheet No. 122







2.5 Execution of Service Agreements and Amendments (Continued)


(b) All Service Agreements and all Service Agreement amendments shall

be executed electronically by Customer and Operator by way of the

EIM System. Each Potential Customer/Customer shall execute a

Service Agreement within sixty (60) consecutive Days of the tender

of said Service Agreement. In addition, Operator may require a

Potential Customer to execute a precedent agreement prior to

execution of a Service Agreement, all of which may be more fully

set forth in the open season documentation, if applicable.


(c) The applicable Form of Service Agreement, the Exhibit(s) executed

by Customer and Operator, the applicable Rate Schedule, and the

General Terms and Conditions of this FERC Gas Tariff will comprise

the entire Service Agreement between Potential Customer/Customer

and Operator.


(d) If Operator has tendered a Service Agreement for execution and

Potential Customer/Customer fails to execute the Service Agreement

as tendered within sixty (60) consecutive Days of the date

Customer receives the Service Agreement, the Service Agreement and

the corresponding request for service shall be considered null and

void. For Firm storage service, Operator will not be required to

tender a Service Agreement to a Potential Customer for execution

that relates to requests for Service for which Operator does not

have sufficient available firm storage capacity, injection, and/or

withdrawal capacity.


2.6 Open Season


(a) Sale of Capacity. Upon the availability of new firm storage

capacity in Operator's facilities, Operator may, at its sole

discretion, post notice of an open season for such available firm

storage capacity pursuant to the open season procedures described

in Sections 2.6(b) through 2.6(g) below or offer such available

firm storage capacity pursuant to the first-come first-served

procedures described in Section 2.6(h) below to qualified

Potential Customers.