West Texas Gas, Inc.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/29/1992, Docket: RP92-135-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 21 Original Sheet No. 21 : Effective






16. Changes in Maximum Daily Obligation (Continued):


16.1 Increases in Maximum Daily Obligation Continued):


(4) Upon obtaining any necessary authorization in form

acceptable to Seller, Seller shall construct with

due diligence any necessary additional facilities.

Upon completion of such additional facilities or

when Seller is ready and able to deliver the

increased volume of gas, it shall notify Buyer.


(5) The new maximum daily obligation shall become

effective on the first day of the month following

that in which Seller notifies Buyer that it is

ready and able to deliver the increased volume of

gas, or such other date as may be mutually agreed

upon between Seller and Buyer.


16.2 Decreases in Maximum Daily Obligation: Buyer may

decrease the maximum daily obligation by giving written notice

of the proposed decrease providing that it executes a service

agreement containing the new maximum daily obligation and that

either of the following conditions can be satisfied:


(a) When and to the extent that the capacity so released can

be made available to and offset by increases in the

maximum daily obligation of other Buyers served by

Seller; or


(b) When and to the extent that Seller can reduce its maximum

daily obligation with its suppliers.


17. Notices: Any notice provided for in this Tariff or in the

executed service agreement shall be in writing and shall be

considered as having been given to Seller when mailed by

registered mail to it at 211 North Colorado, Midland, Texas

79701; or to Buyer when mailed by registered mail addressed to

it at such office as it may designate.