West Texas Gas, Inc.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/29/1992, Docket: RP92-135-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 13 Original Sheet No. 13 : Effective






4. Measurement Equipment (Continued):


4.2 Check Measuring Equipment (Continued):


equipment as desired, provided that such equipment shall be

so installed as not to interfere with the operation of

Seller's measuring equipment at or near the point of delivery.


4.3 Access to Equipment and Records: Buyer shall have access

to the measuring equipment at all reasonable times, but the

reading, calibrating and adjusting thereof, the changing of

charts and the calculation of delivered volumes shall be done

only by employees or agents of Seller.


4.4 Testing of Measurement Equipment and Gas Quality: The

accuracy of Seller's measuring equipment shall be verified by

Seller at reasonable intervals and, if requested, in the

presence of representatives of Buyer. In the event either

party shall notify the other that it desires a special test of

any measuring equipment, the parties shall cooperate to secure

a prompt test of the accuracy of such equipment. Seller shall

notify Buyer of the time of all tests of measurement equipment

and gas quality sufficiently in advance of the holding of such

tests, so that Buyer may have representatives present.


4.5 Correction of Measuring Errors: If upon test, any

measuring equipment is found to be in error by not more than

one percent, previous recordings of such equipment shall be

considered accurate in computing deliveries of gas, but such

equipment shall be adjusted at once to record accurately. If,

upon test, any measuring equipment shall be found to be in

error by an amount exceeding one percent, then any pervious

recordings of such equipment shall be corrected to zero error

for any period which is known definitely; but in case the

period is not known or agreed upon, such correction shall be

for a period extending over one-half of the time elapsed since

the date of last test, not exceeding a correction period of

sixteen days.


4.6 Failure of Meter: In the event a meter is out of service

or registering inaccurately by more than one percent, the

volume of gas tendered shall be determined: