Norteño Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/1996, Docket: CP96- 81-007, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 253 Original Sheet No. 253 : Superseded






redelivery to rural main line tap consumers where,

pursuant to the immediately preceding paragraph,

Shipper installs meters, high and low pressure

regulators and other equipment.


Shipper will service all equipment installed by it and

the consumers served by use thereof including handling

of all complaints and/or service calls. The reading of

said meters shall be performed by the party most

conveniently able to do so as mutually agreed upon by

Norte¤o and Shipper. If the meters are read by

Shipper, then Shipper shall furnish a copy of the meter

readings to the Norte¤o, all without expense to the

Norte¤o; provided, however, that Norte¤o shall have the

right to read said meters at any reasonable time upon

giving notice to Shipper. All pipe, meters and other

equipment shall remain the property of the person or

entity paying for same. Shipper at its own expense

will from time to time check the accuracy of the meters

measuring said gas and shall give the Norte¤o

reasonable notice in writing of its intention to do so.

The provisions of Sections 3 and 4 of these General

Terms and Conditions shall apply to the accuracy of

Shipper's measuring equipment. Norte¤o may at its

option have a representative present at such test.





17.1 Shipper shall nominate transportation on Norte¤o's

system by advising Norte¤o's gas dispatchers each

day, if necessary, of the quantity of natural gas

Shipper would like transported from each specific

Receipt Point and to each specific Delivery Point

to which that gas is to be delivered. Shipper

will be advised by Norte¤o of the available

capacity on Norte¤o's system and, if necessary, a

revised nominated quantity will be established.

Shipper shall then cause the operator controlling

the delivery and receipt of the nominated gas at

each Receipt Point and Delivery Point,

respectively, to confirm to Norte¤o's dispatchers

the availability of the nominated gas, or portion

thereof, and Norte¤o's gas dispatchers will then

schedule the such confirmed quantity of natural