High Island Offshore System, L.L.C.

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/07/1999, Docket: GT99- 17-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 66 Original Sheet No. 66 : Effective








1.9 The term "Gas Allocation Agreement" shall mean the Agreement

dated May 15, 1978 between HIOS and the Shippers which

provides the method for the measuring, for the sharing of

Unaccounted for Gas, and for the allocation of Equivalent

Volumes received at the delivery points set forth in the

Agreement. Should there be any inconsistency between the

provisions of the Gas Allocation Agreement and the

provisions of this tariff, then the provisions of this

tariff shall control.


1.10 The term "Heat Content" shall mean the number of Btu's

produced by the complete combustion at constant pressure of

the amount of anhydrous Gas which would occupy a volume of

one cubic foot at a temperature of sixty (60) degrees

Fahrenheit and a absolute pressure at 14.73 Psia.


1.11 The term "Mcf" shall mean one thousand (1,000) cubic feet

of Gas; the term MMcf shall mean one million (1,000,000)

cubic feet of Gas. (Mcf is measured on a dry basis at 14.73

psia and 60 degrees Fahrenheit).


1.12 The term "Dth" or "Dekatherm" shall mean 1,000,000 Btu.


1.13 The term "Month" shall mean the period beginning at 9:00

a.m. Central Time on the first day of a calendar month and

ending at the same hour on the first day of the next

succeeding calendar month.


1.14 The term "Pro Rata Share" shall mean the ratio that the

volume of Gas delivered to HIOS by or for the account of

Shipper bears to the total volume of Gas delivered to HIOS

by all shippers for transportation in the System during any

given period of time.