Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (Utos) LLC


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Effective Date: 08/01/2009, Docket: RP09-815-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 160 First Revised Sheet No. 160

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 160





(b) The prospective Releasing Shipper's legal name, and

the name, title, address, telephone number, and

facsimile number of the individual responsible for

consummating the assignment for the prospective

Replacement Downstream Shipper;


(c) The date and UTOS rate schedule designation of the

Transportation Agreement under which firm capacity

would be assigned;


(d) The amount of firm capacity, by receipt point,

delivery point, and in total, that would be assigned;



(e) The proposed effective date for the assignment.


18.6 Effecting Service for the Replacement Downstream Shipper.


(a) An assignment of capacity under this Section 18 shall

become effective on the later of: (1) the effective

date specified in the Assignment proposal; or (2) the

date that is one Business Day after UTOS notifies the

Assigning Shipper and the Replacement Downstream

Shipper that the assignment has been accepted,

pursuant to this Section 18. UTOS will not commence

transportation service under an effective assignment

of capacity before the date that is at least one

Business Day after UTOS receives from the Replacement

Downstream Shipper or its Nominating Agent a completed

copy of the Nomination Request Form set forth on Sheet

No. 324 of this tariff.


(b) After UTOS has made a determination that an

Assignment Proposal will be accepted, UTOS shall

execute the Transportation Agreement tendered by

the Replacement Downstream Shipper. UTOS shall

send copies of the fully-executed Transportation

Agreement to the Replacement Downstream Shipper and

the Assigning Shipper.


18.7 Rights and Obligations of the Assigning Shipper and the

Replacement Downstream Shipper.


(a) General Commitment of Replacement Downstream Shipper.

By acquiring assigned capacity, a Replacement

Downstream Shipper agrees that it will comply with all

of the provisions of this tariff, the terms and

conditions of the executed Transportation Agreement,

and the applicable orders, rules, and regulations of

the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.