Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (Utos) LLC


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Effective Date: / / , Docket: RP09-333-000, Status: Pending

Second Revised Sheet No. 146 Second Revised Sheet No. 146

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 146






(d) Releases Not Subject To Bidding.


An open season is not required for: (a) a

Prearranged Release for the maximum charge

applicable to the capacity being released provided

that the release term is more than one Year; (b) a

Short-term Prearranged Release (31 Days or less;

(c) a release to an asset manager (AMA), as defined

by FERC regulations at 18 CFR 284.8; or (d)releases

to a marketer participating in a state-regulated

retail access program), as defined by FERC

regulations at 18 CFR 284.8. When all other terms

and conditions of the release are met, Releasing

Shipper shall notify UTOS by providing the

information pursuant to subsection 17.4, in

accordance with the timeline stated in subsection

17.5 of this Section 17. All other provisions of

this Section 17 shall apply, including Releasing

Shipper's obligations under subsection 17.12 of

this Section 17.


(e) Extension and Withdrawal of Release Proposal.


Once the term of the release hereunder has expired,

the Releasing Shipper may not rollover, extend or

in any way continue a release of capacity to the

same Replacement Shipper under this provision until

twenty-eight (28) days or more have elapsed since

the termination of the prearranged release

hereunder, with the exception of releases to an AMA

or to a participant in a state-approved retail

access program. A Releasing Shipper, including a

Releasing Shipper with a Prearranged Transaction

that is subject to competitive bidding, may

withdraw its Release Proposal, at any time prior to

the close of the bid period if such withdrawal is

due to unanticipated circumstances and no minimum

bid has been made. Release Proposals are binding

until written notice or notice via UTOS'

Interactive Internet Website is received by UTOS.

Once the Release Proposal is withdrawn, the Release

Proposal shall remain posted on UTOS' Interactive

Internet Website for a period of thirty (30) days

for monitoring and control purposes.