Enbridge Offshore Pipelines (Utos) LLC


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Effective Date: 08/01/2009, Docket: RP09-815-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 118 First Revised Sheet No. 118

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 118





6.4 Changes in Primary Points of Receipt or in MDV. An FT or IT

Shipper shall from time to time notify UTOS in writing of

its desire for an additional Primary Point of Receipt or for

a change in the MDV at an existing Primary Point of Receipt

and shall furnish in this connection such deliverability,

quality and other relevant information as requested by UTOS.

Such request for change shall be subject to the capacity

provisions described in Section 3 of the Preliminary

Statement and UTOS shall have fifteen (15) Days from receipt

of Shipper's written request to evaluate the change with

respect to capacity availability. To the extent capacity is

available at the desired receipt point, such capacity shall

be available within one (1) Business Day after the fifteen

(15) Day evaluation period. Exhibit A of the Transportation

Agreement shall be amended and executed by the parties to

reflect the authorized change; provided, however, that the

requested changes or additions in the MDV at such Points of

Receipt shall not result in the sum of the MDV at each Point

of Receipt in Exhibit A to exceed the MDQ of such Shipper.


6.5 Receipt Point Priority. The priority for use of Primary

Points of Receipt and Secondary Points of Receipt is set

forth in subsection 7.9 of Section 7, Scheduling



6.6 New Physical Interconnections. Where a Shipper requesting

changes for a new physical interconnection, rather than an

existing interconnection, utilizes the last remaining subsea

tap and side valve assembly at that UTOS location, an

identical side valve assembly will be left at the Shipper's

expense for future installation. The establishment of such

additional side valve assembly shall be at the expense of

Shipper and Shipper shall reimburse UTOS for any

installation expense incurred, but all facilities so

installed for UTOS shall be under the exclusive control of

UTOS. Metering and other facilities up-stream of the subsea

tap and side valve assembly shall be the responsibility of



6.7 Points of Delivery. The Points of Delivery hereunder shall

be points of connection between UTOS and downstream pipeline

or other facilities. UTOS shall make these Points of

Delivery available to any Shipper, to the extent Shipper has

made prior arrangements with the downstream pipeline or

other facility interconnected with UTOS, and UTOS receives a

confirmation from the downstream pipeline or other facility

of its acceptance of Shipper's Gas for delivery.