Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/13/2008, Docket: RP08-376-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 54 Original Sheet No. 54 TRANSPORTATION GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Continued) 4. Determination of Flowing Temperature - The temperature of the gasflowing through a meter station shall be obtained by the use of a recordingthermometer. The arithmetic average temperature of the gas during the chartperiod shall be used in computing the delivery of gas during such period.Where the quantities of gas metered will not be materially affected by sodoing, the temperature at delivery shall be assumed to be sixty degreesFahrenheit (60 degrees F) when not regularly measured. 5. Determination of Specific Gravity - The specific gravity of thegas flowing through orifice meter stations, when used, shall be determined bytaking samples of such gas by means of a recording gravitometer located at themeasuring station or at any other point on the pipeline where there will be nocommingling thereafter of gas, or by any other recognized method which may bepractical in the circumstances. The arithmetic average specific gravity of thegas at such points during the chart period shall be used in computing thedelivery of gas during such period at such points. 6. Chromatographic Analysis - If the heating value and/or thespecific gravity is determined by chromatographic analysis of the gassample, the values of the physical constants for the gas compounds and theprocedure for determining the gross heating value and/or the specific gravityof the gas from them shall be as set forth in the referenced Committee ReportNo. 3. 7. New Measurement Techniques - If, at any time during theeffective term of the Rate Schedules to which these Transportation GeneralTerms and Conditions apply, a new method or technique is developed with respectto gas measurement, such new method or technique may be substituted by MIGC inthe exercise of its reasonable judgement. MIGC shall promptly inform Shipperof any new technique adopted.3. MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT 1. Installation and Operation of Measuring Facilities - Allmeasuring facilities shall be installed, if necessary, owned, maintained andoperated, at or near the Receipt Point(s) and Delivery Point(s), by MIGC unlessotherwise agreed. Where used, orifice meters shall employ flange taps andshall be installed and operated in accordance with the referenced CommitteeReport No. 3.