Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/13/2008, Docket: RP08-376-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 51 Original Sheet No. 51 TRANSPORTATION GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Continued) 16. MIGC system - The MIGC system is displayed on the map set forth onOriginal Sheet No. 3 of the FERC Gas Tariff Second Revised Volume No. 1. 17. Month - A period commencing on the first day of the correspondingcalendar month and ending on the first day of the next following calendarmonth. 18. Natural Gas - Any mixture of hydrocarbons or of hydrocarbons andnon-combustible gases, in a gaseous state, consisting essentially of methane. 19. One Thousand Cubic Feet ("Mcf") - The quantity of natural gasoccupying a volume of one thousand (1,000) cubic feet at a temperature of sixtydegrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees F) at a pressure of fourteen and seventy-threehundredths pounds per square inch absolute (14.73 psia). The reporting basisfor gas volumes is standardized as cubic foot at standard conditions of 14.73psia, 60 degrees Fahrenheit and dry. 20. Operational Balancing Agreement ("OBA") - A contractbetween two parties which specifies the procedures to manage operatingvariances at an interconnect. MIGC shall offer Operational BalancingAgreements on a non-discriminatory basis. 21. Operational Flow Order - An order issued by Transporter to alleviateconditions, inter alia, which threaten or could threaten the safe operation orsystem integrity, of MIGC's system or to maintain operations required toprovide efficient and reliable firm service. Whenever MIGC experiences theseconditions, any pertinent order should be referred to as an Operational FlowOrder. 22. Package ID - Differentiates between discrete business transactions. 23. Pooling - 1) The aggregation of gas from multiple physical and/orlogical points to a single physical or logical point, and/or 2) thedisaggregation of gas from a single physical or logical point to multiplephysical and/or logical points.