Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/13/2008, Docket: RP08-376-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 37 Original Sheet No. 37 RATE SCHEDULE FTS-1 Firm Transportation Service (Continued) c. Match The original firm Shipper shall have the option, to be exercised within 30days of receipt of notice from MIGC of the best offer, to execute a FTS-1service agreement with MIGC which matches the rate and term of the bidconstituting the highest economic value to MIGC. d. No Bids Where there are no competing bids for the capacity and the originalfirm Shipper agrees to pay the maximum rate, the original firm shipper mayrenew the FTS-1 Agreement for any term of its choosing. However, whetherthere are bids or not, if the original FTS-1 agreement had a term of fiveyears or more and the original firm Shipper chooses to continue theservice for less than five years, the Shipper will not have a unilateralrollover right at the end of the renewed term. MIGC is not obligated toprovide service at less than the maximum rate, even if there are no otheroffers.9. TRANSPORTATION GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS The Transportation General Terms and Conditions contained in this SecondRevised Volume No. 1 Tariff, except as modified in the Transportation ServiceAgreement, are applicable to transportation service rendered under this RateSchedule and, by this reference, are made a part hereof. Any futuremodifications, additions or deletions to said Transportation General Termsand Conditions shall (from and after their effective date) apply to serviceprovided pursuant to this Rate Schedule. MIGC and Shipper may agree in theTransportation Service Agreement to terms differing from those set forth inthis Rate Schedule; provided, however, that MIGC shall not require Shippernor be required to execute a Transportation Service Agreement inconsistentwith this Rate Schedule; provided further, that MIGC shall not execute aTransportation Service Agreement that alters the capacity allocation,information-requirement, rate, penalty, scheduling or priority provisions ofthis Rate Schedule or is otherwise unduly discriminatory or otherwiseinconsistent with the regulations the FERC.