Bobcat Gas Storage

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Effective Date: 10/15/2008, Docket: RP08-608-000, Status: Effective

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3.1 Firm Storage Service Procedures (Continued)


(a) Firm Storage Open Season (Continued)


(3) During the allocation process conducted as part of an

open season, should requests for Firm storage service

exceed available capacity, capacity will first be

allocated to the highest present value bids, as

determined by Bobcat in its sole discretion, received

for Firm Storage Service. When remaining unallocated

capacity is not sufficient to meet the next highest

present value bidder's capacity requirements for Firm

storage service, that next highest bidder may decline

the remaining capacity. Bobcat will then offer the

remaining capacity to the next highest bidder, until

all the remaining capacity is allocated.


(4) Should two or more bidders submit bids with identical

present values, as determined by Bobcat in its sole

discretion, and there is insufficient remaining

capacity available to serve such prospective

Customers, then capacity will be allocated to such

prospective Customers on a pro rata basis.


(5) Execution of Agreements. A prospective Customer

allocated service in an open season shall be required

to execute one or more Storage Service Agreements no

later than 30 days following the close of the open

season or forfeit the service that has been allocated

to it.


(6) Bobcat will accept requests for Firm storage service

for any capacity remaining available after an open

season. The remaining capacity shall be allocated on

a first come, first served basis. That is, the first

creditworthy prospective Customer offering to pay a

rate for service that Bobcat finds acceptable shall be

allocated capacity.


(b) Firm Storage Service Request Fee. All requests for Firm

storage service shall be accompanied by a deposit in the

amount of the lesser of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or

the aggregate reservation charges that would be due for

three months of such requested service, which amount shall

be applied, until fully used, against the first amounts due

by Customer to Bobcat as reservation charges; provided,

however, that if the request is not accepted by Bobcat or if

service is not otherwise offered, Bobcat will refund the

deposit within thirty (30) Business Days after notice to

potential Customer that Bobcat has not accepted the request.