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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 270 Original Sheet No. 270







15.1 Title Transfers of Gas in Storage:


(a) A Customer that has executed a Service Agreement under Rate

Schedules FSS, EPS, ELS, ISS, IPS and ILS may transfer title

and ownership of its Storage Inventory, Park Balance or Loan

Balance (collectively referred to in this Section 15 as

"Storage Balance(s)", as applicable, to any other third

party that has executed a Service Agreement under Rate

Schedules FSS, EPS, ELS, ISS, IPS and ILS if:


(1) Customer selling its Storage Balance(s) and Customer

purchasing the Storage Balance(s) execute a Title

Transfer Form identifying the details of the Title

Transfer transaction, as such form is posted on

Steckman Ridge's Web site and amended from time to

time, and submit such executed form to Steckman Ridge;



(2) The Title Transfer results in a Storage Inventory,

Park Balance or Loan Balance, as applicable, for each

Customer that is equal to or greater than zero and

equal to or less than the Maximum Storage Quantity,

Maximum Park Quantity, or Maximum Loan Quantity, as

applicable and as specified in Customer's Firm Storage

Service Agreement, Customer's Interruptible Storage

Service Agreement or Exhibit B to Customer's Hub

Services Agreement, as applicable.


Steckman Ridge may restrict Title Transfers when such Title

Transfers would result in an increase in the service

obligations of Steckman Ridge or cause operational

difficulties and such increase or operational difficulties

would, in the reasonable judgment of Steckman Ridge, impair

the ability of Steckman Ridge to meet all of its other

service obligations of equal or higher priority.


(b) Steckman Ridge will recognize the transfer for purposes of

computing each Customer's available Storage Balance(s) on a

prospective basis within one (1) Business Day after receipt

of the executed Title Transfer Form.


(c) For each Title Transfer of Gas in storage performed under

this section, each Customer shall pay the Title Transfer

rate as agreed upon by each Customer and Steckman Ridge and

specified on the executed Title Transfer Form.