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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

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6.4 In the event the aggregate total of quantities nominated by

Customers at the same location on Steckman Ridge's system and

commencing at the same time is less than 5,000 Dth per Day and

such aggregate quantity is deemed operationally impractical by

Customer's Transporter or Steckman Ridge, Steckman Ridge will

attempt, but shall not be required, to schedule such nominations.

However, if any single or combination of nominations is scheduled

such that the aggregated quantities result in a net metered

quantity that is less than 5,000 Dth per Day, all nominations may

be reduced on a pro-rata basis such that the net scheduled

quantity will be zero. Steckman Ridge will notify the affected

Customer(s) via the LINK® System in accordance with Section 10 of

these General Terms and Conditions of changes to nominations which

would result in reductions as provided herein.


6.5 Costs and Penalties. Customer shall hold Steckman Ridge harmless

for all costs and penalties which may be assessed by Customer's

Transporter under Customer's transportation agreement with

Customer's Transporter, unless the costs and penalties are due to

the negligence of Steckman Ridge. Customer and Steckman Ridge

shall cooperate with each other and with Customer's Transporter to

verify delivery and receipt of the volumes of Gas delivered

hereunder on a timely basis.


6.6 Downstream and Upstream Transportation. Customer shall be

responsible for transportation from the Point(s) of Delivery and

for payment of all transportation charges relating thereto.

Customer shall be responsible for transportation to the Point(s)

of Receipt and for payment of all transportation charges relating



6.7 Commingling of Gas. From the time Gas is received by Steckman

Ridge at the Point(s) of Receipt, Steckman Ridge shall have the

unqualified right to commingle such Gas with other Gas in Steckman

Ridge's system.


6.8 Accounting Meters. In certain situations, Steckman Ridge may use

an accounting meter number to represent a physical location on its

system. A Point of Receipt and/or a Point of Delivery identified

on Customer's executed Service Agreement(s) may be designated in

the LINK® System by means of an accounting meter number and

description that differs from the physical meter number and

description specified on the Service Agreement. The same rights

and obligations exist for both Steckman Ridge and Customer

regardless of whether a location is identified in Customer's

executed Service Agreement by means of a physical meter number or

an accounting meter number.