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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

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5. CAPACITY RELEASE (continued)


5.14 Limitations. (continued)


(e) The offer to release by a Customer under Rate Schedule FSS

must specify the quantities of MDDO, MDRO, MSQ, MDIQ, MDWQ

or rights offered, and actually available on the effective

date of the release, and the exercise of which rights, in

conjunction with Releasing Customer's exercise of its

retained rights, will not violate any maximum or minimum

quantity requirements or limitations applicable under the

rate schedule or the respective Service Agreements.

Releasing Customer shall be responsible for ensuring, if

applicable, whether by the withdrawal or transfer-in-place

of a portion of its Storage Inventory or otherwise as

required, that such storage capacity, and the corresponding

ability to inject/withdraw Gas up to the Maximum Storage

Quantity released, in accordance with the terms and

conditions of the rate schedule and within the time

remaining in the injection and/or withdrawal period, as

applicable, shall be available upon the commencement of the



If the Releasing Customer proposes to, or requires a

transfer-in-place of the portion of its Storage Inventory in

conjunction with its release of storage capacity rights, it

shall so specify in its offer to release capacity.

Subsequent to the award of capacity to the Replacement

Customer(s), the Releasing and Replacement Customers shall

submit the required nominations via the LINK® System to

effectuate the transfer of the Storage Inventory quantity to

the Replacement Customer(s).


A Replacement Customer under Rate Schedule FSS shall be

responsible for arranging transportation to and from

Point(s) of Receipt and Point(s) of Delivery consistent with

its rights and obligations under its Service Agreement and

Rate Schedule FSS. The Replacement Customer under Rate

Schedule FSS must comply with all obligations imposed under

such rate schedule and its rights to store, withdraw and/or

inject Gas will be subject to the provisions thereof.


The Replacement Customer must withdraw its Storage Inventory

by the end of the term of the release. In lieu of

withdrawing the portion of its Storage Inventory, the

Replacement Customer can also attempt to effect a transfer

of the portion of its Storage Inventory to another storage

service Customer as provided in Section 15 of these General

Terms and Conditions. If the Replacement Customer fails to

withdraw or transfer the portion of its Storage Inventory by

the end of the term of its release, title to the portion of

Customer's remaining Storage Inventory will be vested, at no

cost, in the Releasing Customer which released its capacity

to the Replacement Customer on a temporary basis.