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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 238 Original Sheet No. 238





5. CAPACITY RELEASE (continued)


5.8 Best Bid. (continued)


(3) For purposes of determining the value of a bid,

Steckman Ridge shall use only the reservation charge

(including reservation charges stated on a volumetric

basis). If the bid evaluation method specified by the

Releasing Customer is present value, Steckman Ridge

shall use a discount rate of ten (10) percent.


(4) If the winning bid is a contingent bid, the bidder

that submitted such contingent bid will be required to

satisfy or eliminate any contingency in accordance

with the capacity release timeline set forth in

Section 5.4 or in the Releasing Customer's offer to

release capacity, as applicable, and shall confirm to

Steckman Ridge via e-mail to link- that the contingency has been

satisfied or eliminated. In the event that such

bidder fails to satisfy or eliminate its contingency

pursuant to this subsection (4), the capacity will be

awarded to the next highest bidder(s) as determined

pursuant to Section 5.8(b).


(c) In the event that Prearranged Customer desires to exercise

its right to match the "best bid," Prearranged Customer must

notify Steckman Ridge via the LINK® System.


5.9 Recall Provisions


(a) If the Releasing Customer retains recall rights, Releasing

Customer's offer to release capacity shall clearly specify

the conditions precedent to such recall and whether the

recall right retained by Releasing Customer is on a full Day

or a partial Day basis.


(b) The Releasing Customer shall provide capacity recall

notification to Steckman Ridge via the LINK® System. The

recall notification shall specify the recall notification

period for the specified effective Gas Day, as well as any

other information needed to uniquely identify the capacity

being recalled.