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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

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4. CREDIT EVALUATION (continued)


4.1 Evidence of creditworthiness. (continued)


(e) If Customer has an on-going business relationship with

Steckman Ridge, no delinquent balances should be outstanding

for services previously provided to Customer by Steckman

Ridge and Customer must have paid its account during the

past according to the established terms and not made

deductions or withheld payment for claims not authorized by

contract; and


(f) Customer shall confirm in writing that no significant

collection lawsuits or judgments are outstanding which would

seriously reflect upon the business entity's ability to

remain solvent.


Within ten (10) days of the completion of its initial review of

the information provided pursuant to this Section 4.1, Steckman

Ridge shall notify Customer via email of the results of such

review; in the event that Steckman Ridge determines that Customer

is not creditworthy, the email notice shall also include the

reason(s) for such determination.


4.2 Forms of Security. Steckman Ridge shall not be required to

perform or to continue service under any rate schedule on behalf

of any Customer who is or has become insolvent or who, at Steckman

Ridge's request, fails within a reasonable period to demonstrate



(a) Upon notification by Steckman Ridge that a Customer has

failed to satisfy the credit criteria or subsequently during

the term of the Service Agreement no longer satisfies the

credit criteria, such Customer may still obtain credit

approval by Steckman Ridge if it pays any outstanding

balances due Steckman Ridge for service rendered or has

complied with Section 19.5 of the General Terms and

Conditions with regard to such balances and elects to

provide one of the following forms of security:


(1) an advance deposit;


(2) a standby irrevocable letter of credit, acceptable to

Steckman Ridge, issued by a financial institution that

satisfies Steckman Ridge's credit appraisal;


(3) security interest in collateral found to be

satisfactory to Steckman Ridge; or


(4) a guarantee, acceptable to Steckman Ridge, by another

person or entity which satisfies Steckman Ridge's

credit appraisal.


Steckman Ridge shall provide such Customer with a written

statement supporting Steckman Ridge's request for the

security amount requested at the time such security is

requested. If Steckman Ridge rejects the security provided

by Customer in accordance with Section 4.2(a)(2)-(4) above,

Steckman Ridge shall re-issue its request for the security

and include a written explanation for the rejection of the

security previously provided by Customer.