Steckman Ridge, LP

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 218 Original Sheet No. 218







3.3 Information Requirements.


(a) Each request for service shall contain the information

identified on the Request for Service Information List

posted on Steckman Ridge's Internet Web site, as such list

may be amended from time to time.


(b) A Customer or potential Customer requesting new service or

an amendment to existing service shall also provide the

following to Steckman Ridge:


(1) Either at the time of the request for new service or

an amendment to existing service is submitted to

Steckman Ridge or at the time of execution of the

Service Agreement, such other information (if any), in

writing, as may be required to comply with regulatory

reporting or filing requirements; and


(2) Within ten (10) Business Days of the submittal of the

request for new service or a request for a Billing

Amendment, any credit information required to be

provided pursuant to Section 4 below.


(c) If Customer does not submit the information required in

Section 3.3(b) above within the required timeframes, the

request for service shall be considered to be null and void.

In addition, Steckman Ridge shall reject any request for

service created in the LINK® System by Customer, but not

submitted to Steckman Ridge within ninety (90) days of

Customer's creation of such request.


3.4 Additional Information


(a) Customer shall also promptly provide the credit information

specified in Section 4 of these General Terms and



(b) After receipt of a request for service, Steckman Ridge may

require that Customer furnish additional information as a

prerequisite to Steckman Ridge offering to execute a Service

Agreement with Customer. Such information may include proof

of Customer's lawful right and/or title to cause the Gas to

be delivered to Steckman Ridge for service under this FERC

Gas Tariff and of Customer's contractual or physical ability

to cause such Gas to be delivered to and received from

Steckman Ridge.


(c) Customer is required to provide to Steckman Ridge such other

information if required in order to enable Steckman Ridge to

comply with any Commission reporting or other requirements.