Steckman Ridge, LP

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

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2.2 Information. Steckman Ridge shall post at least four times a day

on the LINK® System and the Internet Web site information relevant

to the availability of firm and interruptible capacity in its

facility. The LINK® System and the Internet Web site will

indicate whether the capacity is available from Steckman Ridge

directly or through Steckman Ridge's capacity release mechanism as

set forth in Section 5 of the General Terms and Conditions. The

LINK® System and the Internet Web site shall provide the best

available information about imbalances on a daily basis. The

LINK® System and the Internet Web site also include information

allowed or required to be posted thereon by other provisions of

the tariff including Section 5, information that Steckman Ridge is

required to post pursuant to the Commission's regulations, or

other information Steckman Ridge chooses to post in furtherance of

the operation of its system.


2.3 Local Security Administrators


(a) LINK® System Subscriber shall designate one or more persons

to perform certain security functions on the LINK® System

("Local Security Administrator") by submitting for each such

person the Local Security Administrator Designation

information via the LINK® System using the applicable on-

line form, as such form is amended from time to time in the

LINK® System. LINK® System Subscriber shall update Local

Security Administrator Designation information via the LINK®

System as such information changes.


(b) The Local Security Administrator shall, via the LINK®

System, be responsible for:

(1) identifying those persons who are duly authorized by

LINK® System Subscriber to use the LINK® System to

perform one or more of the functions available on the

LINK® System ("LINK® System User");

(2) providing LINK® System Users with individualized

USERIDs and passwords;

(3) maintaining LINK® System Users' account information;

(4) adding and terminating LINK® System Users immediately

upon a change in status requiring such addition or


(5) creating and modifying security rights for LINK®

System Users;

(6) approving or terminating Designation of Affiliated

Companies information and Designation of Agency

information pursuant to Sections 2.5 and 2.6,

respectively; and

(7) ensuring that USERIDs are used only as appropriate and

as contemplated by these General Terms and Conditions

and the LINK® System Agreement.


(c) Steckman Ridge shall be entitled to rely upon the

representation of the LINK® System Subscriber's Local

Security Administrator that the LINK® System User(s)

identified by Local Security Administrator may:

(1) transmit information to Steckman Ridge;

(2) view information posted on the LINK® System; and/or

(3) perform the LINK® System contracting function in

accordance with the security rights granted by Local

Security Administrator.