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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-389-000, Status: Effective

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2.1 System Description


(a) Steckman Ridge provides for interactive electronic

communications with its Customers and other parties through

the LINK® Customer Interface System (hereinafter called the

"LINK® System"). The LINK® System shall be available on a

nondiscriminatory basis to any party (such party is referred

to herein as the "LINK® System Subscriber"), provided that

such party (i) has a currently effective Valid Service

Agreement or has executed a LINK® System Agreement

electronically via the LINK® System, (ii) has established

its business entity in the LINK® System by submitting

Contact Information pursuant to Section 2.4(a) below, and

(iii) has designated a Local Security Administrator pursuant

to Section 2.3 below. A party to a LINK® System Agreement

is responsible for ensuring that the individual executing

such agreement on its behalf has the appropriate authority.

Use of the LINK® System by such individual shall be an

acknowledgement of that authority. Steckman Ridge shall not

be responsible for verifying the authority of an individual

to execute a LINK® System Agreement on behalf of a party.


For purposes of this Section 2 and the form of LINK® System

Agreement only, a "Valid Service Agreement" includes any

Service Agreement pursuant to any of Steckman Ridge's rate

schedules and/or a capacity release umbrella agreement

between Customer and Steckman Ridge.


By accessing the LINK® System, LINK® System Subscriber

agrees to comply with the procedures for access to and use

of the LINK® System as set forth in this Section 2.


Steckman Ridge reserves the right to implement enhancements

to the LINK® System at its sole discretion; provided

however, all such enhancements when fully operational shall

be available to all LINK® System Subscribers. Steckman

Ridge will exercise due diligence to ensure the LINK® System

operates correctly and will provide timely and non-

discriminatory access to on-line LINK® System help features

and to any information available on the LINK® System that

LINK® System Subscriber is entitled to access.