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Effective Date: 04/01/1998, Docket: CP96-339-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 92 Original Sheet No. 92 : Effective





23. CAPACITY RELEASE (Continued)


23.12 Limitations (Continued)


(c) Any terms and conditions imposed on the offer to

release by the Releasing Customer as provided for in

this section must be objectively stated, reasonable,

capable of administration or implementation by Total

Peaking without any material increase in burden or

expense, applicable to all potential bidders, not

unduly discriminatory, and consistent with the terms

and conditions of this FERC Gas Tariff and Releasing

Customer's service agreement.


(d) A Releasing Customer may re-release to the same

replacement shipper for a term of 31 days or less at

the agreed upon applicable maximum rates if: 1) a

period of 28 days has elapsed after the first

release for 31 days or less has expired or 2) the

Point(s) of Receipt and/or Point(s) of Delivery for

the re-release is different from the Point(s) of

Receipt and/or Point(s) of Delivery of the first

release or 3) the Releasing Customer causes the

posting of an offer to release capacity or of a pre-

arranged transaction to be made, and capacity is

allocated on the basis of bids submitted. A

Releasing Customer may also re-release (without a

twenty-eight day waiting period) to the same

Replacement Customer for any term at the agreed upon



(e) If the Releasing Customer retains recall rights, it

shall specify the condition(s) precedent to such

recall and any recall must be for a period of one or

more Day(s). If the Releasing Customer wishes to

recall capacity to be effective for a gas day, the

notice should be provided to Total Peaking and the

Replacement Customer no later than 8:00 a.m. Central

Clock Time on the nomination day. The Releasing

Customer shall exercise and administer such recall