Total Peaking Services, L. L. C.

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Effective Date: 08/15/2000, Docket: RP00-496-001, Status: Effective

1st Revised Sheet No. 53 1st Revised Sheet No. 53 : Effective

Superseding: Substitute Original Sheet No. 53






4.1 Contents of Nominations (Continued)


(d) By submitting a nomination Customer represents and

warrants that it has obtained all necessary

regulatory approvals to deliver LNG to Total

Peaking's Facilities and that valid contractual

arrangements are in place by which the LNG will be

transported to the Facilities and LNG or Regasified

LNG will be transported from the Facilities. Total

Peaking shall be allowed to rely conclusively on the

information submitted as part of the nomination in

confirming the nomination and scheduling the



4.2 Means By Which Nominations Are To Be Submitted


(a) Notices provided under this Section 4 must be

submitted in writing via fax or electronic means.

Customer shall provide notice of any changes in

deliveries to or receipt from Total Peaking to all

transporters and shall be responsible for and shall

hold Total Peaking harmless from any and all

liabilities and expense resulting from any such

changes, unless the added expense is due to the

negligence of Total Peaking.


Nominations may be submitted in writing to:


Gas Dispatcher

Total Peaking Services, L.L.C.

775 Oronoque Road

Milford, Connecticut 06460

Facsimile Number: 203-874-5281


(b) Customer may give written notice at any time to

change the designation of the person to provide the

nomination information set forth in this Section to

Total Peaking. If Customer designates another

person to provide this information, Total Peaking

shall be entitled to rely on the nominations

previously provided by Customer's designee.