Total Peaking Services, L. L. C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/15/2000, Docket: RP00-496-001, Status: Effective

1st Revised Sheet No. 50 1st Revised Sheet No. 50 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 50






3.9 Internet Web Site


(a) Total Peaking shall disseminate service information and

post information necessary to effectuate the release and

reassignment of capacity by means of an Internet Web Site

that will be updated. This Internet Web Site, referred

to herein as Total Peaking's "Internet Web Site" ("IWS"),

shall be available on a nondiscriminatory basis to any

customer or potential customer. Total Peaking shall

provide equal and timely access to any information posted

on the IWS. Total Peaking will provide all information

required to be posted thereon under regulations of the

FERC, together with such additional information as Total

Peaking considers appropriate.


(b) Total Peaking will provide the public with the following

information on its IWS: (1) information regarding capacity

available on Total Peaking's system; (2) information

regarding released capacity available from firm shippers

(if any); (3) information regarding service interruptions

due to force majeure and related capacity constraints; and

(4) names and telephone numbers of Total Peaking's

employees to contact in an emergency. In addition, Total

Peaking's IWS will provide reports on firm and interruptible

service, an index of customers, available capacity, semi-

annual storage reports and information on the corporate

organizational structure and marketing affiliate of Total



(c) A current copy of Total Peaking's FERC Gas Tariff shall be

available on a non-discriminatory basis to any shipper or

potential shipper from the IWS.


(d) Users of Total Peaking's IWS agree to indemnify Total

Peaking and hold Total Peaking harmless against any loss,

liability, or expense (including without limitation, court

costs and attorneys fees) incurred or suffered by the user

as the result of its use of Total Peaking's IWS, except for

losses, damages, or expenses caused solely by Total

Peaking's own negligence or willful misconduct.


(e) Total Peaking shall store for three years a copy of the

information posted on the IWS.


3.10 Construction of Facilities. Total Peaking shall not be required

to provide any requested service under any rate schedule which

would require construction or acquisition by Total Peaking of new

facilities or expansion of existing facilities.