ANR Storage Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2009, Docket: RP09-382-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 131 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 131

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 131






2.6 Complaints: In the event that a Customer or potential

Customer has a complaint relative to service under Seller's

Tariff, the Customer shall:


(a) Provide a description of the complaint, verbally or in

writing, including the identification of the Storage

Request (if applicable), and communicate it to Seller.

Information regarding the appropriate contact personnel

is available via Seller's Internet Site.


(b) Within forty-eight (48) hours, or two Business Days,

whichever is later from the Day of receipt of a

complaint, Seller will respond initially to the complaint

and Seller shall respond in writing within thirty (30)

Days advising Customer or potential Customer of the

disposition of the complaint.


2.7 Information:


Contact information is available via Seller's Internet Site

for any person desiring information on the availability,

pricing, or other terms of the Storage Services.


2.8 Relationship with Affiliates:


Information on any facilities that Seller's storage function

employees share with any of the marketing function employees

of its affiliate(s) will be available on its Internet Site, in

accordance with the Commission's regulations.