Cimarron River Pipeline, LLC

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Effective Date: 09/01/2008, Docket: CP08-17-001, Status: Effective

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11.1 Nomination Procedures: (Continued)


(f) The receiver of a nomination initiates the confirmation process.

The party that would receive a Request for Confirmation or an unsolicited

Confirmation Response may waive the obligation of the sender to send.


(g) Transporter may accept "standing nominations," excluding intraday

nominations, for the then existing term of the TSA. "Standing nominations"

shall mean a nomination of a specific volume to remain in effect until the

earlier of:


(i) the requested ending date of the nomination, or


(ii) a request by Shipper to change the nomination;


provided, the term of the nomination is within the term of the TSA.


(h) The total nomination at the Receipt Point, adjusted for Fuel

Reimbursement, if any, must equal the nominations at the Delivery Point.

Transporter will not reject a nomination for reasons of rounding differences

due to Fuel Reimbursement calculations of less than five Dth.


(i) A package ID is a way to differentiate between discrete business

transactions. When used, Package ID should be supported for nominating and

scheduling; mutually agreed between the applicable parties for allocations

and imbalance reporting; supported for invoicing (sales and purchase); and

mutually agreed for transport invoicing. Use of the Package ID is at the

discretion of the Shipper, and if sent, should be accepted and processed by



(j) Transporter and Shipper shall establish a procedure to

electronically exchange information regarding receipt and delivery

quantities in Dth to achieve a daily operational gas balance, and Shipper

shall, upon request, furnish data as Transporter deems necessary to maintain

control of its system, including, without limitation, the Btu content of the

gas to be received by Transporter. If Transporter determines in its

reasonable discretion that confirmation of nominations at certain Receipt

Point and/or Delivery Points is necessary to maintain the integrity of its

system, Transporter will not schedule transportation unless the party

causing the gas to be delivered for Shipper's account into Transporter's

system at the Receipt Point confirms the deliveries and that the party

receiving gas from Transporter's system for Shipper's account at the

Delivery Points confirms that it will receive the volumes.