Cimarron River Pipeline, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2008, Docket: CP08-17-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 128 Original Sheet No. 128




2. QUALITY continued


2.3 Odorization:


(a) The gas delivered by Transporter will be delivered without

addition of any odorizing agent. Transporter does not assume any obligation

for damages, claims, or liabilities by reason of the fact that it has not

odorized gas prior to its delivery.


(b) If gas is required to be odorized upon delivery at any Delivery

Point or subsequently, Shipper will odorize or cause the downstream pipeline

to odorize the gas. Transporter has no obligation to odorize and does not

warrant delivery of odorized gas.


2.4 Gas Processing:


(a) Transporter shall have the unconditional right to commingle gas

received from any Shipper or source for transportation under this Tariff

with gas received from other Shippers or sources. Transporter's obligation

under this Tariff shall be to deliver Thermally Equivalent Quantities from

the Receipt Points to the Delivery Points under the terms and conditions of

the applicable Rate Schedules of this Tariff and the terms of any specific

TSA. Each Shipper tendering gas to Transporter and the owner of the related

processing rights recognizes that the gas to be delivered by Transporter has

been commingled from various sources and will not be the same molecules or

contain the same constituents as the gas received by Transporter. Subject

to Transporter's obligation to redeliver Thermally Equivalent Quantities, no

Shipper tendering gas to Transporter or the owner of the related processing

rights shall have the right to receive in return any particular constituent

in the gas tendered, including but not limited to NGLs, other liquids, CO2,

or helium, even if those constituents are entrained in the gas stream

received by Transporter.


(b) Each Shipper and each owner of gas processing rights for a

Shipper's gas shall have the option to reserve and exercise gas processing

rights and enter into a separate gas processing contract or arrangement with

a plant operator or owner. Each Shipper and gas processing rights owner

that does not reserve and exercise processing rights will be deemed to have

waived them, but the Shipper will retain its right to receive Thermally

Equivalent Quantities after transportation on Transporter's system.


(c) A Shipper may assign gas processing rights to a third party or

may by subject to a reservation of processing rights by a supplier or third

party, including but not limited to a working interest owner in a well from

which Shipper purchases gas, a marketer, broker, or the owner or operator of

a gas processing plant; the processing rights owner need not be a designee

under Shipper's TSA for any other purpose, including nominations,

scheduling, billing, or payment.