Cimarron River Pipeline, LLC

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Effective Date: 09/01/2008, Docket: CP08-17-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 126 Original Sheet No. 126






2.1 Quality Specifications: All gas to be received from Shipper into

Transporter's pipeline system shall conform to the following specifications:


(a) The gas shall be commercially free from objectionable odors,

bacteria, solid matter, dust, gums and gum-forming constituents, free

liquids, crude oil, and any other substance that might interfere with the

merchantability of the gas, or cause injury to or interference with proper

operation of the lines, meters, regulators, compressors, processing plants,

or appliances through which it flows.


(b) Oxygen - 0.2% by volume or less.


(c) Hydrogen sulfide - 1/4 grain/Ccf or less.


(d) Total Sulfur - 20 grains/Ccf or less.


(e) Carbon Dioxide - 2.0% by volume or less.


(f) Water vapor - 6 pounds/MMcf or less. See Section 2.2 below for

an exception where Transporter provides dehydration.


(g) Heating Value - for processed residue gas (non-raw gas), the

heating value shall be at least 1050 Btu/Cubic Foot or 2.0 GPM, whichever is

more lenient. For raw unprocessed gas received into Transporter's pipeline

system that has not previously been processed or subjected to other than

mechanical separation, the minimum heating value will be 950 Btu/cf.


(h) Temperature - 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less.


If any gas received by Transporter fails at any time to conform to these

specifications, Transporter may refuse to accept delivery pending correction

by the other party. Transporter may, on a basis that is not unduly

discriminatory, elect to accept gas that fails to meet specifications. To

the extent Transporter agrees to treat or cause treating of gas on behalf of

a Shipper to meet these quality specifications, Transporter may, on a basis

that is not unduly discriminatory, condition receipt of the Shipper's gas on

the Shipper's agreement to reimburse Transporter for any costs incurred by

Transporter associated with monitoring the gas quality and with the treating

activities. Treating includes the extraction of any impurities or blending

of the gas stream as necessary to meet pipeline quality specifications.