Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP09-257-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 262 Original Sheet No. 262





(c) "Recovery Period" shall mean the period during which

the revised percentages are to be in effect, which shall be a twelve

(12) Month period commencing with the effective date of the next

redetermination as specified in Section 36.3.


(d) "Receipt Quantity" shall mean the volume of Gas

received by KMLP at the various Receipt Points on its System, net of

volumes received as Line Heater Gas, Unaccounted For Gas and Fuel



(e) "Compressor Quantity" shall mean the volume of Gas

transported by KMLP for Compression Service using the Tie-In

Facilities, once compression has been installed to provide

Compression Service.


(f) "Other Fuel Gas Service" shall mean compression

service provided for Shippers other than service which falls within

the definition of Compression Service; i.e., service involving

compression other than compression which facilitates transportation

of Gas through the Tie-in Facilities. Other Fuel Gas Service shall

apply to: (i) firm Shippers for which the compression was

installed; and (ii) Shipper under Rate Schedule ITS flowing gas

through the compression facilities used to provide Other Fuel Gas



(g) "Other Fuel Gas Quantity" shall mean the volume of

Gas transported by KLMP for Other Fuel Gas Service. Other Fuel Gas

Service shall not include Anchor Shippers except to the extent they

acquire capacity created by a new compression project, but otherwise

the fuel percentages and the applicability of the fuel percentages

shall be determined in the certificate proceeding in which the

compression is certificated or, if no such certificate filing is

required, in the initial tariff filing which reflects the fuel costs

associated with the new compression facilities.


(h) "Initial Effective Date" shall mean with respect to

Unaccounted For Gas and Line Heater Gas, the first Day of the Month

in which the System goes into service. The Initial Effective Date

with respect to Fuel Gas for Compression Service is the date on

which compression to facilitate transportation of Gas through the

Tie-in Facilities initially go into service on KMLP's System. The

Initial Effective Date for Fuel Gas with respect to Other Fuel Gas

Service is the date on which such service commences.