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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP09-257-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 256 Original Sheet No. 256





anticipated duration of the Critical Time. A Critical Time will be

effective at the start of a Day and will continue until the end of

the Day and through the end of successive Days until KMLP notifies

Shippers via its Interactive Website that there is no longer a

Critical Time.


(d) KMLP may issue Operational Flow Orders as described

in Section 31.6 during a Critical Time.


(e) The penalty for failure to abide by an Operational

Flow Order issued during a Critical Time shall be equal to the

volume (in Dth) by which Shipper deviated from the requirement of

the Operational Flow Order multiplied by 8 X DIP. In assessing any

penalty hereunder, KMLP shall apply the DIP index applicable to the

period(s) during which the violation occurred.




(a) In issuing Operational Flow Orders or taking other

operational control action under this Section, KMLP shall apply

consistent and objective engineering and operational criteria to

define the overall operational integrity of the System and

acceptable pressure levels to be protected, to evaluate the imminent

nature of any threat to these factors, and to determine what steps

are necessary to preserve such factors. Such criteria may be

changed from time to time as operating experience indicates.


(b) In applying this Section, KMLP shall operate its

System on a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to the source

of supply, the identity or nature of any Shipper or the identity of

any entity tendering or receiving Gas except as otherwise explicitly

provided herein.