Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP09-257-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 197 Original Sheet No. 197





(b) The volume in a Qualified Bid may not be less than

the minimum volume required for an Eligible Firm Transportation

Agreement under KMLP's Tariff. Neither the volume nor the release

term specified in a Qualified Bid may exceed the maximum volume or

term specified in a Capacity Release Request, unless the Capacity

Release Request specifically allows otherwise. A Qualified Bidder

must accept all the terms and conditions of a Capacity Release

Request submitted under Section 14.4 (involving a Prearranged

Release) except for the level of the reservation charge and the MDQ

and/or Point MDQ, unless the Capacity Release Request specifically

allows otherwise.


(c) Except as provided herein for releases for a term of

more than one (1) year, a Qualified Bidder may not bid rates which

would exceed KMLP's maximum reservation charge applicable to the

Eligible Firm Transportation Agreement capacity. If the Releasing

Shipper is paying a Negotiated Rate or a rate under a Negotiated

Rate Formula pursuant to Section 30 of these General Terms and

Conditions, a Qualified Bidder may not bid a rate which exceeds the

higher of: (i) the rate under the Negotiated Rate or Negotiated Rate

Formula in the Releasing Shipper's contract; or (ii) the applicable

Recourse Rate. The maximum Qualified Bid reservation charge includes

all demand surcharges, including all direct-billed charges which are

or may become applicable to the Eligible Firm Transportation

Agreement capacity.


(d) All Qualified Bids shall provide for payment of

maximum commodity charges under KMLP's Tariff for the capacity bid,

as well as all other applicable add-on charges and surcharges under

KMLP's Tariff, such as, but not limited to, ACA, Unaccounted For

Gas, Line Heater Gas and Fuel Gas (if applicable subject to

compression being installed).


(e) A Qualified Bid received by KMLP during an open

season shall be posted by KMLP on its Interactive Website system,

without the name of the Qualified Bidder. A Qualified Bid may be

withdrawn by the Qualified Bidder prior to the close of the open

season, but may not be withdrawn thereafter. Following such

withdrawal, the Qualified Bidder cannot bid for the same capacity

during the open season at a lower rate.


(f) All Qualified Bids must be consistent with all

provisions of KMLP's Tariff. Any Qualified Bid inconsistent with

KMLP's Tariff or the applicable Capacity Release Request shall be

null and void.