Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP09-257-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 168 Original Sheet No. 168





(vi) For non-public entities, including

those that are state-regulated utilities, an existing sworn filing,

including the most recent available interim financial statements and

annual financial reports filed with the respective regulatory

authority, showing the Shipper's current financial condition;


(vii) For state-regulated utility local

distribution companies, documentation from their respective state

regulatory commission (or an equivalent authority) of an authorized

Gas supply cost recovery mechanism;


(viii) List of affiliates, parent companies,

and subsidiaries;


(ix) Publicly available credit reports from

credit and bond rating agencies;


(x) Private credit ratings, if obtained by

the Shipper;


(xi) Bank references;


(xii) Trade references;


(xiii) Statement of legal composition; and


(xiv) Statement of the length of time the

business has been in operation.


(5) Upon receipt of any request from KMLP for

information to be used for creditworthiness evaluation, the

Shipper's authorized representative(s) shall acknowledge receipt of

KMLP's request; provided, however, that KMLP and the Shipper may

mutually agree to waive this requirement. The Shipper's authorized

representative(s) shall respond to KMLP's request for credit

information as allowed by this Tariff, on or before the due date

specified in the request. The Shipper shall provide all the credit

information requested by KMLP or provide the reason(s) why any of

the requested information was not provided. Upon receipt from the

Shipper of all credit information provided pursuant to this Section

12, KMLP shall notify the Shipper's authorized representative(s)

that it has received such information; provided, however, that KMLP