MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 278 Original Sheet No. 278





actually experienced for the Base Period based on best available

information, adjusted for changes reasonably anticipated to occur

during the Recovery Period. The Deferred Component may be positive or



(b) The accumulated deferred subaccount balances for

each reimbursement percentage is to be adjusted semi-annually to

reflect the following, as applicable:


(1) The amount associated with MEP's actual

under- or over-recovery at the end of each six (6) Month period of

Fuel Gas and of Unaccounted For Gas.


(2) Adjustments to any prior Month's recoveries.


(3) Carrying charges on the deferred



(c) The amount to be included as an adjustment in the

deferral subaccounts for any Month shall be calculated as follows,

with separate calculations for each Deferred Component identified in

Section 36.5(a) hereof:


(1) MEP shall determine the actual Fuel Gas, the

actual Unaccounted For Gas, and Booster Compression fuel gas.


(2) MEP shall then determine the amount of Fuel

Gas and the amount of Unaccounted For Gas recovered for that Month,

as follows: the amount of Fuel Gas and of Unaccounted For Gas

recovered shall be determined by multiplying the Fuel Gas

Reimbursement Percentage, the Booster Compression fuel percentage and

the Unaccounted For Gas Reimbursement Percentage in effect during the

Month by the applicable Receipt Quantity for the Month.


(3) The adjustment to the deferral subaccounts

for the Month shall be based on the difference between item (1) and

item (2). This amount shall be recorded in the deferral subaccount as