MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

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(a) This Section 36 establishes a semi-annual periodic

rate adjustment provision, for the recovery by MEP of Fuel Gas and

Unaccounted For Gas. These adjustments result in the Fuel Gas and

the Unaccounted For Gas Reimbursement Percentages as set forth on

Sheet Nos. 12 through 15 of this Tariff. Separate Fuel Gas

percentages are set out for Zone 1 and Zone 2. One Unaccounted For

Gas Reimbursement Percentage applies to all volumes transported on

the System and is determined hereunder on a System-wide basis. With

respect to the Leased Capacity, a separate Fuel Gas Percentage which

includes lost and unaccounted for gas on the Leased Capacity is set

out on Sheet No. 5. Section 36.7 specifies the procedures to be

utilized in adjusting the Fuel Gas Percentage applicable to the

Leased Capacity. Separate reimbursement rates are determined for

Interim Period Service. In the event Interim Period Service extends

beyond six months, MEP shall have the right to adjust the Fuel Gas

and Unaccounted For Gas Percentages on a semi-annual basis in

accordance with this Section 36. In addition, a separate

incremental Booster Compression fuel percentage is set out for

point(s) listed on Sheet Nos. 12 through 15 where Booster

Compression applies. Fuel Gas charges will not be assessed for any

transportation involving all or any portion of the path between

Bennington and the interconnection with Natural or with ETC near

Natural's Compressor Station No. 802. No separate Fuel Gas or

Unaccounted For Gas charges shall apply to service under Rate

Schedules PALS or IBS.


(b) This Section 36 specifies the procedures to be

utilized in adjusting such percentages to reflect changes in Fuel

Gas, in Unaccounted For Gas and in Booster Compression fuel per unit

of service. All amounts for the reimbursement of Fuel Gas, of

Unaccounted For Gas and of Booster Compression fuel shall be

recovered by MEP in-kind by applying the percentages to the volumes

of Gas transported on its System under Rate Schedules FTS and ITS.

If percentages which differ from those determined hereunder are

established for any Shipper pursuant to Section 30 of these General

Terms and Conditions (relating to Negotiated Rates or a Negotiated

Rate Formula), that contractual percentage shall be used in

determining delivery volumes for that Shipper (Equivalent Volumes,

etc), but shall be without prejudice to MEP recovering additional

future amounts from such a Shipper consistent with Section 30.5 of

these General Terms and Conditions.