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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 265 Original Sheet No. 265





(b) An entity other than the Shipper may agree to take

responsibility for Operational Flow Orders on behalf of a Shipper or

a point operator or on behalf of the operator of a specified end-use

facility. To accept such responsibility, the entity must provide MEP

with written notification which includes: (i) written consent by the

affected Shipper or operator; (ii) specification of any limits on the

entity's responsibility; (iii) the term over which the notification

is effective; and (iv) an identification of adequate resources which

will be used to support the assumption of responsibility. Any

notification or change in notification is effective on the second

Business Day after delivery to MEP. Notwithstanding the foregoing,

MEP may reject a notification upon written notice to such entity and

any affected Shipper if such notification fails to comply with this

Section or contains any provision which could adversely affect

implementation of an Operational Flow Order or if the entity is not

in a position to accept responsibility either operationally or

financially for Operational Flow Orders. Such a rejection must be

made by MEP within two (2) Business Days after the notification is

tendered to MEP. If a notification is already in effect and MEP

reasonably determines that the conditions for such a notification are

no longer met, MEP may provide notice of rejection, which notice

shall be effective within five (5) days or such later time as is

specified in the notice. As part of any rejection of a notification

hereunder, MEP shall provide to the Shipper and to the entity which

submitted the notification a written explanation of the rejection.

Such explanation must be consistent with this paragraph. If such a

notification is in effect, MEP will direct any Operational Flow Order

within the scope of the notification to the entity agreeing to take



(c) Notice of an Operational Flow Order will be posted

on MEP's Interactive Website. MEP shall also post, as soon as

available, information about operational parameters which affect when

an Operational Flow Order will begin and end (e.g., significant

changes in pressure on any pipeline segment, status of facility

repairs, etc.). MEP shall provide as much advance warning as

practicable of: (i) conditions which may create the need to issue an

Operational Flow Order; and (ii) the issuance, termination or

modification of an Operational Flow Order. MEP will endeavor to post

the notice that it will issue an Operational Flow Order on its