MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

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In rectifying imbalances which jeopardize MEP's ability

to provide firm service, MEP shall first attempt to control imbalances

through the scheduling process. MEP shall coordinate with the Shipper

and with upstream and downstream entities to assure that the volume of

Gas delivered to Shipper or for its account and the volume of Gas

physically received by MEP for Shipper are in close balance. In

addition, Shipper may nominate quantities of Gas on any Day during the

month to rectify an imbalance, subject to MEP's scheduling and

curtailment provisions, and any operational considerations that may

otherwise limit the amount of Gas that MEP may receive or deliver on

such Day as payback volumes for such imbalance. In such event, MEP

shall have the right, via the confirmation process, to reduce all or a

portion of such nominated payback volumes. If further action is

required to control imbalances, MEP may adjust nominations upon notice

to Shipper and otherwise take actions as specified in the remainder of

this Section 10. If Shipper is unavailable, adjustments will be made

pursuant to a Shipper provided ranking or pro-rata if a Shipper

provided ranking is not available. MEP may also utilize Operational

Control measures under Section 31 of these General Terms and Conditions

to control imbalances to the extent consistent with Section 31. MEP

will provide prior notice of any action taken under Section 31 of these

General Terms and Conditions, consistent with the provisions of Section





(a) Definitions


(1) Operational Impact Area - "Operational Impact

Area" shall mean any one of the four geographical locations of MEP's

system defined in Section 10.4(d) hereof, which shall be used for

purposes of netting, trading, and cashing out of imbalances.


(2) Overage Imbalance - "Overage Imbalance" shall

mean that excess receipts under an Agreement are owed to Shipper by MEP.


(3) Overage Average Monthly Index Price - "Overage

Average Monthly Index Price" or "OAMIP" shall mean the volume-weighted

average of the applicable monthly index prices used in determining

cashout amounts to resolve Overage Imbalances, as provided in this

Section 10.4.