MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 146 Original Sheet No. 146







(a) Whenever Gas is purchased at a Receipt Point on

MEP's System by an entity that is not going to nominate that Gas for

receipt by MEP under a transportation Agreement, that entity must

submit a transfer nomination to MEP through its Interactive Website

(or EDI), identifying the quantities (in Dth) and the entities from

whom the Gas is being bought and the entities to whom the Gas is

being sold. Such transfer nominations are needed in order to be able

to confirm the nominated receipts at that point and thus such

transfer nominations are due by the deadlines applicable to Shipper

nominations, subject to Section 6.2. In addition to the transfer

nomination, the purchasing entity must submit a predetermined

allocation in accordance with Section 7 of these General Terms and

Conditions if there is more than one buyer of the purchasing entity's



(b) A third party may provide title tracking services

on MEP's system as follows:


(1) The entity seeking to provide such a service

(Third Party Account Administrator) shall so notify MEP in writing,

in which event MEP shall establish an identification number for

nominations involving the Third Party Account Administrator.


(2) Transfer nominations consistent with this

Section 6.9 must be made by the Shipper tendering Gas for delivery to

the Third Party Account Administrator, where subsequent title to such

Gas is to be tracked by the Third Party Account Administrator; and


(3) The Third Party Account Administrator shall

maintain records of any title transfers after delivery of Gas to it

and shall submit a nomination consistent with this Section 6.9 for

delivery of Gas to the last party in the chain of title, which party

shall also submit a nomination for receipt of the Gas consistent with

this Section 6.9.