MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 132 Original Sheet No. 132





(3) In the event MEP can provide some service

under Rate Schedule IBS on any portion of its System but that its

capability on any Day is insufficient to schedule all Access Requests

under Rate Schedule IBS, first priority for scheduling and

curtailment purposes shall be granted to Access Requests which are

linked to a firm transportation Agreement (if allocation within this

class is required, allocation shall be pro rata based on MDQ). If

sufficient capability is available to serve some but not all Access

Requests under IBS Agreements linked to interruptible transportation

Agreements, service under Rate Schedule IBS shall be allocated based

on the price paid under the linked interruptible transportation



(4) Service under Rate Schedule PALS shall not

be scheduled if doing so would have an adverse effect on any firm or

secondary point service. Service under Rate Schedule PALS shall be

scheduled and curtailed based on MEP's system operational and System

operational capability. Service hereunder shall be interrupted and

curtailed if continuation of such service would be detrimental to

MEP's ability to provide any firm service or any secondary point

service. While service hereunder is not ordinarily expected to

affect transportation capacity, if providing service hereunder would

have an adverse effect on providing interruptible transportation

service, a PALS Agreement shall for scheduling and allocation

purposes be assigned the same priority as service under Rate Schedule

ITS. The same priority shall be applied for scheduling and

allocation in relation to service under Rate Schedule IBS or other

PALS Agreements. Once a park or loan has been scheduled on any day

under Rate Schedule PALS, that park or loan shall not be interrupted

or curtailed to effectuate any other interruptible service, except

for secondary point service.


(d) An ITS Agreement shall specify whether it covers

Zone 1, Zone 2 or both zones. An Agreement under Rate Schedule ITS

will include all Receipt and all Delivery Points within the zone(s)

covered. With respect to Leased Capacity, Shippers shall only have

rights at the Receipt and Delivery Points permitted under the Lease

with Enogex. Applicable maximum rates are specified in this Tariff

by zone. With respect to Interim Period Service, a Shipper under an

ITS Agreement will have all points on the portion of Zone 1 which is

in service.