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Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 80 Original Sheet No. 80





in making IBS Payback nominations. The IBS Payback nomination shall

be separately identified and shall be a volume which is in excess of

Shipper's projected requirements for that day at the relevant end-use

facility or facilities. The IBS Payback nomination may represent (in

whole or in part) overrun under the linked transportation Agreement,

in which case the overrun shall be evaluated by MEP for scheduling

purposes on the same basis as other overrun requests. Unless

otherwise agreed, IBS Payback volumes nominated and confirmed shall

be accounted for as the first gas through the meter on deliveries.


(1) IBS Payback nominations must reference the IBS

Agreement. IBS Payback must be made to deliver gas to or take gas

away from Delivery Points, as applicable, under the linked

transportation Agreement, or at other mutually agreed points if

delivery to those points would be beneficial to MEP's system, to

achieve IBS Payback in relation to the Delivery Point(s). IBS Payback

nominations shall be evaluated for scheduling and curtailment

priority purposes on the same basis as other nominations under the

linked transportation Agreement or at the mutually agreed points.

Transportation charges shall be assessed under the linked

transportation Agreement only if movement of the gas to the Delivery

Point(s) has not previously been subject to a transportation charge,

consistent with Section 5.3 of this Rate Schedule IBS.


(2) MEP has the right to delay or limit IBS Payback.

To the extent MEP does not confirm an IBS Payback nomination, or the

nomination is limited by rights under the IBS Agreement and/or linked

transportation Agreement(s), as applicable, Shipper shall be

obligated to make a timely IBS Payback nomination in each subsequent

daily nomination period until the IBS Balance for that day has been

eliminated; provided, however, that if MEP advises Shipper that no

IBS Payback nominations will be accepted until a specified future

date or will be limited in a specified way over a defined period, or

as otherwise agreed, Shipper may forego or limit its IBS Payback

nomination accordingly.


(d) If Shipper fails to make a timely and valid IBS Payback

nomination to reduce its IBS Balance for a Day as required under this

Section 6, then the Balancing Service Charges in Section 10.8 of the

General Terms and Conditions of the Tariff shall apply, with no

tolerance or exemption, based on the IBS Balance information provided

to Shipper by MEP. Such charges will continue as applied to the

remaining volume of the IBS Balance for that Day until valid IBS