MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 78 Original Sheet No. 78





(4) MEP will post for each Day, at least two (2) hours

before nominations are due for that Day, whether service under Rate

Schedule IBS is likely to be available on the System, or on any

portion of the System.


(b) MEP shall confirm Access Requests made under an IBS

Agreement which otherwise are consistent with this Rate Schedule IBS

if, in MEP's reasonable judgment, MEP has the System operational

capability or other resources, such as Third Party Balancing

Agreements, to provide such service, without detriment to

satisfaction of MEP's firm obligations or of any interruptible

obligations which may be of higher priority or to MEP's System

operational needs, it being understood that MEP is not providing a

supply or storage service under this Rate Schedule IBS. MEP will not

confirm any Access Request if granting such a request would be

detrimental to MEP's ability to provide any firm service. MEP will

also not grant any Access Request if doing so would materially

increase the likelihood that MEP would declare a Critical Time or

issue an Operational Flow Order affecting services identified in the

prior sentence.


(1) MEP will attempt to offset Access Requests

hereunder in one direction with Access Requests in the opposite

direction, but MEP will only do so if the general standards of this

subsection (b) can be met and MEP will not confirm Access Requests if

the impact is detrimental to MEP's system.


(2) A confirmed Access Request shall be deemed

authorization, up to the volume specified in the Access Request, for

MEP to provide imbalance management service hereunder related to the

linked transportation Agreement without further notice. Shipper shall

not, however, be obligated to use such balancing volumes; i.e.,

Access Requests are used to define the level of balancing service

available to the Shipper that day to cover IBS Balance volumes

allocated under subparagraph (b)(3). This service is subject to the

curtailment provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of this