MidContinent Express Pipeline LLC

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Effective Date: 04/10/2009, Docket: RP09-136-000, Status: Effective

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(a) Subject to the remainder of this Section 6, on any Day,

Shipper may submit an Access Request for service under its IBS

Agreement up to its MDQ; provided, however, that unless MEP

otherwise agrees, the net effect (taking into account the direction

of the request) of such Access Request for any Day may only result

in service hereunder equal in volume to the difference between

Shipper's then effective MDQ under the IBS Agreement (reduced by

releases of the linked transportation Agreement as set out below)

and Shipper's nominations to serve the specified end-use facility

or facilities that Day under the linked transportation Agreement

(maximum daily access volume). If Shipper has released any part of

a linked firm transportation Agreement, such release(s) shall be

taken into account in determining the level of service available

under the IBS Agreement if the release(s) reduce the effective MDQ

available to Shipper for nomination under the linked transportation

Agreement to the designated Delivery Point(s) below the MDQ under

the IBS Agreement. Except for authorized overrun, an Access

Request for a swing up may not exceed the unnominated portion of

the MDQ under the linked transportation Agreement (reduced as

applicable by any releases).


(1) The Access Request, which shall constitute

Shipper's nomination under the IBS Agreement, shall specify the

volume and direction of the balancing service and must reference

the specific IBS Agreement, end-use facility or facilities and

Delivery Point(s) to which the service relates.


(2) For a Shipper to request service hereunder, that

Shipper must have in effect a linked FTS or ITS Agreement

consistent with Section 3.2(a) of this Rate Schedule IBS. The

Access Request must reference the linked transportation Agreement.


(3) Intraday Access Requests may be submitted

hereunder which increase the level of service requested. Such

increased intraday Access Requests may be submitted on the same

schedule as other intraday nominations.