White River Hub, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2009, Docket: RP09-1027-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 207 Second Revised Sheet No. 207

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 207



Rate Schedule RGS



1. Authorization of GSA. GSA shall be responsible for the acquisition and

management, on Gas Processing Customer's behalf, of the capacity under the

transportation service agreement(s) described above, White River's Rate

Schedule RGS, and the General Terms and Conditions of White River's Tariff,

including, without limitation, for all communications with White River,

nominations of quantities, imbalance management, OFO compliance, modifying

delivery points, making unused capacity available to White River, and all

billing and payment matters.


2. Payment on Behalf of Gas Processing Customer. GSA shall be responsible

for making timely payments to White River for transportation services rendered

on behalf of Gas Processing Customer pursuant to the terms of the

transportation service agreement(s), and for the payment of any penalties,

fees, assessments, or other charges assessed against GSA in connection with

gas transported for the account of Gas Processing Customer.


3. Unscheduled Capacity. If, on any day, after fulfilling the nomination

requirements for Gas Processing Customer, there is remaining unscheduled

capacity under the transportation service agreement(s) ("Unscheduled

Capacity"), GSA shall be entitled either to release the Unscheduled Capacity

pursuant to Section 9 of the General Terms and Conditions or to make the

Unscheduled Capacity available to White River.


4. Access to Daily Usage Information. Gas Processing Customer acknowledges

and agrees that, in order for GSA to carry out its responsibilities for daily

capacity management hereunder, GSA shall have access to all information

regarding the daily transportation quantities for the receipt point and all

delivery points applicable under the referenced transportation service

agreement(s). Any additional detailed information requested by GSA shall be

provided only upon Gas Processing Customer's consent in writing to White



5. Communications. White River shall be entitled to communicate

exclusively with the GSA under the transportation service agreement(s), and to

rely upon all communications from GSA including, without limitation, with

respect to all correspondence, notices, and invoices associated with the

transportation of Residue Gas owned by a Gas Processing Customer. The GSA

shall control the logon and password for all transportation service agreements

covered under this Agency Appointment Agreement.