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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-645-000, Status: Effective

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14.6 Gross Heating Value and Specific Gravity.


(a) The determination of gross heating value and specific

gravity will be made from the composition by calculation using physical gas

constants for gas compounds as outlined in GPA Standard 2145-03 and GPA

Standard 2172-96, with any subsequent amendments or revisions that White River

may adopt.


(b) Installation, maintenance, and operation of on-line

chromatographs or laboratory chromatographs, including sample delivery

systems, and composite sample systems, will conform with API Chapter 14.1, and

GPA Standard 2261-00 with any subsequent amendments or revisions.


(c) If an on-line gas chromatograph is used, the gross heating

value, specific gravity and components for all gas will be determined during

the applicable sampling period at that site. Gross heating values, specific

gravities and components determined from each analysis will be used in

calculating gas on a continuous basis.


(d) If a continuous gas sampling device is used, gross heating

value, specific gravity and components for all gas will be determined not less

than once every month at that site. Gross heating values and specific

gravities determined from spot samples will be used in calculating gas

delivered for the day on which the test is made and all following days until

the next test is made.


14.7 Supercompressibility. The measurement of gas will be corrected

for deviation from Boyle's Law at the pressures and temperatures under which

gas is measured by use of the calculation appearing in AGA Report No. 8 at

each of the points where the gas is received and delivered as supplemented or

amended. Inert content of the metered gas stream used in the AGA Report No. 8,

Gross I, Method I, calculations will be determined by a chromatographic

analysis using spot sampling when deliveries begin and thereafter by (i) an

on-line chromatographic analysis, (ii) chromatographic analysis not less than

semiannually or (iii) analysis obtained from a composite sample.


14.8 Measurement. White River may install orifice, turbine, positive

displacement, ultrasonic meters or other measurement devices. They will be

installed and operated in accordance with then-approved AGA and API

recommendations, where available.


(a) Orifice Meters. All orifice meters will be installed and

gas volumes computed according to the standards prescribed in AGA Report No.

3, Part 2 and API Chapter 14.3.