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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-645-000, Status: Effective

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12.13 Notice Procedures of OFO Conditions. White River will monitor

system activity on a continual basis to foresee and forewarn Shippers, where

possible, of conditions requiring an OFO, including (i) physical inability to

transport gas due to operational constraints, (ii) force majeure as described

in the definitions of these General Terms and Conditions, (iii) unexpected

operating conditions such as peak demand, Shipper imbalances, weather impacts,

impacts caused by interconnecting pipelines, etc. Upon issuance of an OFO,

notification will be posted on White River's Informational Postings and White

River will support further notification, to be designated by Shipper, through

the following channels: (1) up to two internet e-mail addresses provided by

Shipper or (2) additional electronic notification designated by Shipper. The

notice shall specify (i) the time and date of issuance of the notice, (ii) the

actions that affected Shippers are required to take, (iii) the nature of the

problem sought to be addressed, (iv) the time by which affected Shippers must

comply with the OFO, (v) the anticipated duration of the OFO (unless otherwise

indicated in the notice, the OFO will remain in effect until White River

contacts the affected Shippers), and (vi) the ongoing status and progress of

resolution of the OFO and any other conditions. Shippers must notify White

River of the name and telephone number of a person who will be available on a

24-hour basis to receive notice of the issuance of an OFO. After an

occurrence of an OFO, White River will provide information as soon as it is

available to its customers on the Informational Postings section of its web

site regarding the factors causing the OFO to be issued and released.


12.14 Lost-and-Unaccounted-For Gas Reimbursement and Tracking.


(a) Application. All gas tendered by Shipper for

transportation under Rate Schedules FT, RGS and IT, or negotiated rate

agreements, shall be subject to in-kind reimbursement, as posted on the

Customer Activities Web site for lost-and-unaccounted-for gas. The gas

reimbursement percentage (RP), shall be displayed on White River's

informational postings for each month. The RP shall be applied to quantities

of gas tendered by Shipper. Shipper's total receipt-point nominations must

include the amount of gas equal to the RP.


White River shall post a revised RP five days in advance of the first of

each month to be effective during the month. White River shall have the right

to adjust the RP to reflect the actual quantity of gas lost-and-unaccounted-

for so as not to create an imbalance on its system. The RP will include two

components: (1) lost or gained and unaccounted-for quantities and (2) prior 12

months' ending March 31, variance adjustment that includes unamortized or over

amortized quantities from the proceeding July 1, through June 30, 12-month

amortization period.