White River Hub, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/31/2009, Docket: RP09-853-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 117 First Revised Sheet No. 117

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 117





12.5 Imbalance Payback Option. Subject to available capacity,

operational constraints and approval by White River, a Shipper during the 5

calendar days of the month after notification of its monthly imbalance, may

eliminate its prior month's imbalance through either a physical payback or

take of gas in lieu of or in connection with imbalance trading. Nominations

to reduce the previous Monthly Imbalance must be specifically designated for

that purpose. White River will consider each Shipper's request to exercise

its option under this section and will, on a nondiscriminatory basis, and

subject to prudent operational practices, honor the request.


12.6 Cashout. All remaining imbalances at the end of the five calendar

day payback period for the prior month imbalances will be subject to the

following cashout provisions. However, if Shipper cannot cure an imbalance due

to force majeure, White River will extend the time period for the Shipper to

pay back an imbalance for a period equal to the length of the force majeure



(a) The Cashout volume is the imbalance at the end of the five

day payback period for the month the imbalance occurred less any imbalance

trades and specific payback volumes. The cashout process will reduce the

Shippers imbalance to zero upon payment or credit of the cashout amount.


(b) Shippers' remaining imbalance, after adjusting for any

imbalance trades and specific payback volumes, shall be cashed out at a price

calculated by multiplying the remaining imbalance by the applicable rates as

determined below.


(c) Determination of cash-out price. The cash-out price or

index shall be adjusted subject to a premium of $1.00/Dth for volumes owed to

White River and subject to a discount of $1.00/Dth for volumes owed to

Shipper. White River will use the "Inside FERC Gas Market Report" first-of-

the-month posting for Northwest, Wyoming Pool, published for the first of the

month following final determination of the cash-out volume. If "Inside FERC

Gas Market Report" ceases publication or to the extent prices are not reported

for Northwest, Wyoming Pool, White River will select a similar index or

publication and notify Shippers of the selection via the Customer Activities

Web site.


(d) White River shall credit the account of Shipper for any

cashout amounts due Shipper for imbalances due Shipper.


(e) Shipper shall pay White River for any cashout amounts due

White River for imbalances due White River.


(f) Upon payment or crediting of the appropriate cashout

amounts, Shipper's imbalance will be reduced to zero.