White River Hub, LLC

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Effective Date: 08/31/2009, Docket: RP09-853-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 115 First Revised Sheet No. 115

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 115





Adjustments at each system transfer meter will be made according to the

affected Shippers' operational balancing agreement (OBA) or pre-determined

allocation arrangement (PDA) with operators upstream of White River's system.

Absent written notice to White River of an OBA or PDA reflecting agreement of

all affected Shippers' deliveries of gas to White River at a given transfer

meter, adjustments will be made pro rata according to each Shipper's scheduled

daily nomination. White River must be notified immediately of any changes to

an existing OBA or PDA. Shipper shall provide White River a copy of any

document effecting changes to an OBA or PDA immediately upon execution.


12.3 Monthly Balancing.


(a) A Shipper must maintain a monthly balance between net

receipts (receipt less any lost and unaccounted-for gas) and deliveries of



(b) For the determination of monthly imbalances, Shippers'

receipt or delivery volumes at each point shall be allocated according to the

interconnecting operational balancing agreement (OBA) or pre-determined

allocation (PDA). Absent an OBA or PDA, volumes will be allocated pro rata

based on each Shipper's scheduled nomination.


(c) When adjustments become operationally necessary, adjustments

at each receipt or delivery point will be determined according to the OBA or

PDA in place at the time the volumes were received or delivered. Absent an

OBA or PDA, adjustments will be pro rata according to each Shipper's daily

scheduled nomination.


(d) White River will make monthly imbalance information

available to all Shippers through the Customer Activities Web site on or

before the 9th business day of each month following the month during which gas

was transported. An imbalance statement will be tendered to Shipper with

Shipper's monthly bill issued according to Section 17.1 of these General Terms

and Conditions.


(e) At the end of each calendar month where Shippers' net

transportation receipts (receipt Dth less any lost-and-unaccounted-for) do not

equal deliveries on a Dth basis, the following procedures will apply:


(i) Shipper's imbalances under each FT and IT agreement

will be netted together for monthly imbalance calculations. Each month on or

before the 9th business day, White River will provide imbalance statements

and information on its website indicating the resulting monthly imbalance

incurred in the prior month.