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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-645-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 114 Original Sheet No. 114







12.1 General Provision. A Shipper must monitor its receipts and

deliveries of gas and, if and when necessary, make adjustments to maintain a

balance between receipts and deliveries.


White River will monitor receipts and deliveries through telemetered,

electronic measurement equipment at major receipt and delivery points on its

system. White River will compare systemwide aggregated receipt-to-delivery

nominations and monitor its system to determine if its system is out of

balance and adjustments are required to receipts or deliveries. If the volume

of gas received exceeds the amount scheduled and the excess cannot be absorbed

within system line pack, as determined by observing operating parameters,

particularly system pressures, White River will restrict receipts into the

system. Conversely, if the volumes received are less than the volumes

scheduled, and the difference cannot be compensated for through the use of

system line pack, White River will adjust deliveries to maintain system

integrity. White River will timely advise Shipper of any imbalances. Upon

notification that adjustments are necessary, a Shipper must adjust its

receipts and deliveries to correct or avoid any imbalance. Any adjustment to

receipts and deliveries by Shipper, whether or not pursuant to notification

from White River, will be nominated, scheduled and approved by White River's

gas representatives according to White River's scheduling procedures.


12.2 Daily Balancing. Shipper must maintain a daily thermal balance

between receipts and deliveries within the ± 0.5% daily imbalance tolerance.


White River will notify a Shipper upon determination that the Shipper's

receipts and deliveries exceed the ± 0.5% daily imbalance tolerance. After

notification by White River that an adjustment is necessary to keep its system

in balance, a Shipper will be afforded reasonable opportunity to remedy its

imbalance consistent with existing operational conditions. If the imbalance

is not corrected within the time specified, White River will take whatever

action it deems necessary to remedy the imbalance situation. White River will

make daily imbalance information available through the Customer Activities Web

site each day for the prior gas day.


If required to maintain operational stability and system integrity,

White River will adjust all receipts and deliveries on its system, even if

Shippers are within the ± 0.5% imbalance tolerance limits.