White River Hub, LLC

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-645-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 111 Original Sheet No. 111





11.6 Operating Information and Estimates. Upon request of White River,

Shipper shall from time to time submit its best estimates of the daily,

monthly and annual quantities of Rate Schedules FT, RGS and IT service it

expects to be transported together with such other operating data as White

River may require in order to schedule its operations.


11.7 Operating Requirements.


(a) A Shipper shall use reasonable efforts to deliver and

receive gas at uniform hourly and daily rates of flow. However, White River

will not be required to receive or deliver gas at non-uniform hourly rates.


(b) Shipper shall deliver gas to White River's receipt points at

a pressure sufficient to enter White River's system but in no event shall

Shipper deliver gas to White River at pressures greater thanthe applicable

MAOP of White River's system. White River shall not be required to compress

natural gas into its system. If requested by White River, Shipper shall

provide equipment that meets White River's specifications and standards at

each receipt point to prevent overpressuring White River's system.


(c) White River shall deliver gas at each delivery point at the

pressure in White River's system after required measurement, flow control or



11.8 Limitations Upon White River's Transportation Obligations.


(a) On any day, White River shall not be obligated to deliver to

Shipper a quantity of gas different from the equivalent volume received from

Shipper during the same day.


(b) Authorized overrun transportation service will not be

granted unless capacity is available and if system integrity is not

jeopardized, subject to §§ 9 and 12.13 of the General Terms and Conditions of

this tariff.


11.9 Records of Scheduled Quantities. White River will keep accurate

records of the quantities of gas scheduled for transportation. Within 30 days

of a written request, White River's records will be made available for review

by Shipper at White River's offices. Shipper shall supply to White River

information in its possession or control to determine any imbalances. If

Shipper's gas is commingled with other gas at the receipt or delivery points,

the scheduling arrangements and White River's records shall include the method

used for allocation of the total quantity at these points.