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Effective Date: 10/01/2009, Docket: RP09-1027-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 74 First Revised Sheet No. 74

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 74





6.4 Qualification for Participation in the Capacity Release Program.

Any party wishing to become a Bidding Shipper must prequalify by satisfying

the creditworthiness standards and Customer Activities Web site access and

signatory requirements of this tariff prior to submitting a bid for capacity.

Notwithstanding Shipper's qualification to participate in White River's

capacity release program, White River does not guarantee to the Releasing

Shipper that the Replacement Shipper will pay for the contracted-for service.


6.5 Released Capacity. A Shipper may release its capacity at a

Primary Receipt point up to its total RDC and a Primary Delivery point up to

its total RDC. A Shipper releasing its capacity must release RDC at a Primary

Receipt point and an equal amount of RDC at a Primary Delivery point, as long

as the sum of the Primary Receipt point capacity being released equals the sum

of the Primary Delivery point capacity being released. A Shipper may

simultaneously release its capacity at more than one Primary Receipt point and

at more than one Primary Delivery point.


6.6 Notice By Shipper Electing to Release Capacity. A Releasing

Shipper must post a notice via the Customer Activities Web site that it elects

to release firm capacity. The notice must state:


(a) The Releasing Shipper's name, contract number and the name

and phone number of the individual responsible for authorizing the release of



(b) The maximum and minimum RDC to be released stated in Dth/d.


(c) The Primary Receipt point(s) and Primary Delivery point(s).


(d) Whether capacity will be released on a firm or recallable

basis. If on a recallable basis, the terms under which the capacity may be