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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-645-000, Status: Effective

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2.4 Informational Postings. In addition to the information and

processes for the capacity release program described in § 6 of these General

Terms and Conditions, White River will provide the following information on

its Informational Postings and Customer Activities Web sites:


(a) General operational information such as operational flow

orders, flow information, current nominations, monthly imbalances, daily

allocation of electronically-measured receipt and delivery points and

scheduled quantities (including scheduled intra-day nominations and other

scheduling changes). At the end of each gas day, White River shall provide

the final scheduled quantities for the just completed gas day. With respect

to the implementation of this process via the 1.4.x scheduled quantity-related

standards, White River shall send an end-of-gas-day scheduled quantity

document. Receivers of the end-of-gas-day scheduled quantity document can

waive the sender's sending of the end-of-gas-day scheduled quantity document.

(NAESB 1.3.3)


(b) Available capacity at receipt and delivery points.


(c) Whether the capacity is available from White River or

through the capacity release program.


(d) Effective rates for firm and interruptible service.


(e) Service request and acquisition forms allowing Shippers and

potential Shippers to request or change firm or interruptible service

electronically through the Customer Activities Web site.


(f) Standards of conduct relating to service.


(g) Discounts granted for service to affiliates.


(h) General information, critical notices and news items

relating to rates, available capacity, expansions, etc. Critical notices

shall be defined to pertain to information on White River conditions that

affect scheduling or adversely affect scheduled gas flow.