White River Hub, LLC

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Effective Date: 11/01/2008, Docket: RP08-645-000, Status: Effective

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2.2. Authorized Overrun Service. Upon the request of Shipper, if

capacity is available and if system integrity is not jeopardized, White River

will transport and deliver quantities of gas exceeding Shipper's RDC specified

in the Shipper's service agreement, subject to the terms of §§ 9 and 11 of the

General Terms and Conditions. The service (i) shall be available only to the

extent it does not impair White River's ability to provide service under any

other rate schedule (including service up to Shipper's RDC under this rate

schedule), (ii) is interruptible, and (iii) is subject to the authorized

overrun charge.


2.3 Unauthorized Overrun. Upon the occurrence of unauthorized

overrun, White River will notify Shipper whether the overrun is a critical

or non-critical event, i.e., whether or not it causes operational

problems. Shipper shall pay the indicated rate in the Statement of Rates for

all unauthorized overrun service. Any associated revenue, above

administrative costs, will be credited to all non-offending Shippers. See §

1.50 of the General Terms and Conditions.




3.1 Specified Charges. The charges for transportation service under

this rate schedule, except as provided for in § 3.4 (Negotiated Rates) of this

rate schedule, shall be those listed in the currently effective Statement of

Rates, as adjusted from time to time. The charges shall include the



(a) Reservation Charge. A monthly reservation charge shall be

assessed for each Dth of Shipper's RDC, subject to the following conditions:


(i) The reservation charge will be stated in the

transportation service agreement and shall be no more than the maximum nor

less than the minimum rate specified in the Statement of Rates.


(ii) Shipper shall be obligated to begin paying the monthly

reservation charges beginning on the first day of the term of service set

forth in Shipper's transportation service agreement.